Guilt free eats with Eat Well and Little Big Bowl

By Heather Peter

Where can you eat locally, eat fresh food fast, and eat on a budget? Where can you Eat Well for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?

Honest Foods aims to provide just that for the city of Hamilton with their two new ventures; Eat Well and Little Big Bowl. They may be located in the same building on John Street North in Corktown Plaza, but they are very much their own separate entities.

Little Big Bowl is the breakfast provider of the pair, serving up smoothie and yogurt bowls topped with fresh fruit and house-made toppings like bee pollen granola, roasted banana and candy kale. Breakfast no longer has to be boring!

Eat Well focuses on the lunch and dinner side of things, serving up a variety of cheekily-named bowl options; everything from grain bowls with spicy turnip, avocado and onion pickles to a shrimp and citrus bowl with sour fruits, edamame and coconut.

Under the direction of Honest Foods’ culinary director Chef Mark Andrew Brown, the Executive Chef of the new locations, Joshua Wortley, spoke about the concept behind the restaurants. He explained that their intent with Eat Well and Little Big Bowl is to introduce finer dining in a fast, casual fashion at an affordable price point that everyone can enjoy regardless of dietary requirements.  He believes this has yet to be done in the city of Hamilton. Top quality ingredients will be brought into play at both restaurants, because they believe to Eat Well is to Live Well.

Shrimp bowl

If you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or just plain hungry, there is something for you at Eat Well and Little Big Bowl. They will be serving up top quality, flavourful ingredients, that showcase the actual tastes of the produce and toppings. They may even have omnivores (or carnivores!) considering that you may not need meat with every meal.

None of the Chef Inspired Bowl options at Eat Well are speaking to you today? Build your own bowl with their six-step process. (It’s easier than it sounds.) Top it with choices like a soft-boiled hen’s egg, chili popped grapes, date yogurt, peanut sauce with adobo pepper and more! Every time you visit Eat Well and Little Big Bowl you can have a new experience.

Their goal to source locally from 100km within the GTA has them utilizing locally-made ingredients such as: organic produce from Simpler Thyme farm, dairy items from Hewitt’s dairy, Kozlik’s mustards, and chards and beet greens that they have grown. Staff at both restaurants will be able to explain to guests where each ingredient is from and the background of the product. In this modern world, that’s a breath of fresh air, since many of us are often unsure where the food we are eating comes from.

With Eat Well and Little Big Bowl, Honest Foods hopes to attract like-minded people; people who are interested in eating top quality, just-plain-good-for-you food. With the hospital nearby, and many of the St. Joe’s staff on the look-out for new lunch options, they likely won’t have an issue attracting that kind of clientele.

View their menu offerings at and or go Eat Well yourself today!