An intimate dining experience with a celebrity chef

By Heather Peter

Chef Patrick Wiese has cooked for celebrities all over the world and now he’s ready to cook for you (in the comfort of his own home, no less)! You’ll leave Chef Patrick’s Intimate Series events feeling like a hotshot yourself, full to the brim with delicious food. Better yet, you’ll leave as someone who has just helped a charitable cause, and who – quite possibly – has made a few new friends. In an unassuming east-end Hamilton neighbourhood, you’ll spot a bungalow with a vibrantly-coloured door. Inside? A man with a personality to match! He’ll welcome you in with open arms, a warm smile, and the comforting smell of brunch foods wafting in the air. You’re at one of Chef Patrick Wiese’s Intimate Dining Series events – enjoy a freshly squeezed juice and have a seat at the table!

Photo by Heather Peter

The man behind the meals

Former personal chef to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Avril Lavigne, and a star on the first season of Top Chef Canada, you would think his time in the spotlight would have gone to his head – but it’s very much the opposite! Chef Patrick is down to earth, friendly, and very much Patrick. He prides himself on putting his personal twist on everything he makes (hence his choice of business name “Twisted Kitchen”). Any experience with Chef Patrick is unlike any restaurant experience you will have in #HamOnt!

Photo by Heather Peter

So what’s it all about?

If you’re on social media, you may have gotten wind of one of Chef Patrick’s dinner events, but did you know he’s now starting brunch? Each event features a different theme and 3 unique courses to match; an egg dish, a savoury dish, and a sweet dish to end. (Imagine dishes like a Surf and Turf Spanish Breakfast Hash with Butter Poached Crab and Chorizo, or Sticky Toffee Pudding Pancakes with Frozen Egg Custard – is your mouth watering yet?)  While the menu is secret and the dishes change at each event (based on the theme of that day), the quality of the food remains impeccable. Chef Patrick creates decadent, home-cooked meals that any foodie would be pleased to introduce their palate to.

The Charitable Cause

Not only will you have a happy belly when you leave, you can also feel good knowing a portion of the proceeds from each Intimate Series event goes to Matthew’s Friends Canada. Matthew’s Friends Canada focuses on supporting patients, families, and professionals by providing information, training, research and grants to develop Ketogenic services and support systems for drug resistant epilepsy. It’s a cause that’s near and dear to Chef Patrick Wiese, so much so that he will be launching his own cookbook with a ketogenic dietary theme.

Get tickets of your own

If you want to play Oprah for a day, help those in need, and dine on some of the best food in the Hammer; you’ll want to experience one of Chef Patrick’s Intimate Series Events!

Upcoming events and themes are posted on his website under Intimate Dining Series, where you can also purchase tickets.

Photo by Heather Peter