A message from the editor in she-if

At our last team meeting, I jokingly asked the men in the room to irritate me so that I would be inspired to write my female empowered editorial for our annual Women’s Issue. Later that evening while driving home I realised I was annoyed with what I had said. I was implying that female empowerment revolves around being angry at men and that has never been how I have chosen to be a feminist. I choose to be a feminist because I believe that men and women should be treated as equals, but also acknowledged and respected for their differences. I choose to be a feminist because I want to celebrate female accomplishments and encourage the women in my life to fulfil their dreams— whatever they may be. Do I think there is still work that needs to be done in order to reach a true state of equality? Of course! But, I also think we should stop and appreciate the time that we are living in. Women and men today are encouraging each other to pursue their dreams, fight for equality, stand up for what they believe in, march for change and embrace a brighter and more inclusive future.

That is what I want the Women’s Issue of urbanicity to reflect. This issue showcases the many women of this incredible city; women who are leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, mothers and more. Women who are determined to put their best foot forward and succeed because they know they live in a time where their voices are heard, acknowledged and supported. And if they aren’t, you better believe there is a group of fierce ladies rallying behind them to make a change.

Click HERE to learn how SACHA is putting Indigenous women at the forefront of Take Back the Night this September or HERE to read how the YWCA is eliminating barriers for female entrepreneurs. The women of this issue are working hard to not only become the best versions of themselves but also to lift up the ladies beside them.

So, cheers to the women of Hamilton and cheers to the time of positive change that we are living!