Fear is born through feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, shame, rejection and unworthiness; just to name a few. Fear provides hospitality for these anxious feelings, as they nestle in your stomach and begin to paralyze your mind. Fear harvests these seeds of self-doubt, fertilizes its soil and salivates in anticipation of the marvel it’s about to breed. Fear then downpours on the garden it’s fostered and with pride, observes your depression passionately blossom into this rampant brute you can’t suppress. Fear pins you mercilessly to its bed of thorns, as you toil to try and break free. Fear manifests itself through its treacherous hold on your mind, governing your inner world and your reality. Fear triggers your mind to facilitate lies disguised as logic that amass to silence your confidence and keep you stagnant. Fear holds you back from exploring the world outside of the barriers that conceal your comfort. Fear impedes your self-growth and frames limitations on all the possibilities your imagination can create. Fear, as a result, makes loving yourself seem like an impossible feat. 

I lived in its authority. I breathed its toxic air. I ate the poison it fed me. I endured its venom flowing through my veins. I reluctantly slept by its side every eerie night. I was its prisoner in a cold dark cell, where I spent my sentence reinforcing its walls. I became confined to its darkness. I searched for happiness outside of my world because I didn’t have the courage to look within it. I exhausted all options apart from myself. I was lost. I was scared. I felt my walls caving in on me. I saw hope dimming rapidly. I knew I had to change something, quickly. I abandoned my pride. I relinquished my ego. I reached out for help. I became vulnerable. I made the best decision of my life. I obtained a new perspective which changed the scope of my battle. I now understand my happiness is dependent on me and nothing else. I will forever be a student in this thing we call life. I will constantly learn and adapt to allow myself to flourish and evolve to be the best me I can be. I now carry the lantern I was always longing for, which lights my path.

I invite you to learn and understand about the one thing that will give you the answers to all your questions: you. All of us have the power to be great. What holds us back from that greatness? You probably guessed it- fear. Can you blame us? From day one we’re bombarded with these concepts of fitting in this little box society has so generously created for us. If we stray from society’s guide to a perfect life, we’re destined for failure. Don’t be held captive by the beliefs of others. Follow your intuition and your heart and they will lead you toward the trail true to you. Liberate yourself from fear and let go of emotions that no longer serve you. Choose to change who you are going forward rather than dwell over the regret holding you back. Shine your light on the world, not holding one ounce back. In order to produce that light, learn everything you can about you; who you are and who you are not.

Fear, such a small word, yet harnesses a wealth of power. Unfortunately for fear, there is another word as small as it, which carries an even greater abundance of power- love. Switch your frequency from fear to love and your world will attract the energy necessary to help sculpt your dreams. Differentiate between the noise from fear and the wisdom from your soul and tune in to the latter. And remember, always be grateful for your time spent shackled by the hands of fear, for freedom will taste that much sweeter because of it.

Have the courage to be imperfect.