Vegan is tasting better than ever

When most of us think of the word ‘vegan’ we think of something highly contested or controversial. This is exactly why everyone should try a place like Planted in Hamilton, vegan is more than just a politicized topic, it’s simply just scrumptious food. Simple as that.

Planted in Hamilton opened this November, originally operating as Eatwell, Planted is now run by Emily Perry and her husband Sam who moved here from Oklahoma where they had a vegan bakery. These two chefs have a passion for healthy, affordable, and delicious plant-based food. I had the Planted Burger the other week and it was probably the best burger I’ve had in months, not because it beats the taste of a beef patty (although it was bustling with flavour) but because of how I felt after; light, energetic, and dare I say, happier? Maybe that’s why people think vegans are always pushing their lifestyle, they just want you to be happy too.

Planted isn’t the first and only vegan hot spot in the area, there is also the Green Smoothie Bar on James St. N. and Lettuce Love in Burlington, to name a few. But, what makes Planted different is that they are bringing more of a house made meal into your daily routine. Each dish is personally made by either Emily or Sam, one of whom is always on duty to answer all of your questions.

The Planted environment is more than just great food with the potential to turn a few of us meat eaters into veggie heads. The large interior space is welcoming with social seating, couches, and a full bookshelf for relaxing after your meal. Emily and Sam have also chosen to open the space up to the community to use for everything from entrepreneurial groups to family yoga. There is even a kids cooking class coming in March, so keep an eye on their social media.

Planted is also excited to announce that they’ve teamed up with Skip the Dishes to deliver your plant-based gluten-free eats straight to your door. Head over to the website and use coupon code HELLOSKIP5 to get $5 off your first order over $20.

Happy clean eating!

To learn more, visit their social media channels:
Insta: @plantedinhamilton
Facebook: @plantedinhamilton