Finding someone to date in Hamilton used to mean going out with friends on a Friday or Saturday night to a bar, or club and trying to meet someone and hopefully start dating them. In today’s technological age most people have embraced online dating sites in lieu of actually trying to meet someone in person.

Nowadays, the first meeting you have with someone is usually online, through the various dating sites out there. Other platforms are social media and other apps. You begin to get to know each other by chatting, messaging, email, and if things go well exchange phone numbers. Members of these sites become addicted to them, checking and sending messages multiply times a day!

Before the internet there was a thing called a blind date, whereby you didn’t know what to expect. Are they attractive? Funny? Smart, or are they boring or bland? Now the mystery is gone with Skype, pictures, chatting etc.. You learn everything about your future date before even meeting them.

In this high paced society we live in without much free time, it makes sense to turn to online dating. It’s an efficient way to meet someone.

After an initial date a guy would call back within a day or two, now that’s usually done my email or text. As easily as you can find someone online, just as easily they can break up with you in the same matter.

In the past there was a stigma associated with online dating but that has evaporated and it is now more acceptable. On a positive note those who have been out of the dating scene for a while this makes it easier for them to meet someone. Although some sites are free to join, there are others that can be quite costly.

Putting up an online profile has replaced putting a personal ad in the newspaper, subsequently chatting and texting has replaced talking on the phone.

Communicating through a screen seems so impersonal. Whatever happened to walking up to someone and striking up a conversation?

There are plenty of spots in Hamilton where you can meet someone without the need of the internet.

Sometimes the old fashion way can garner better results!