One thousand donuts per hour is set to break your new years resolution

If you are local to Hamilton then chances are you have seen, tasted, or salivated over Donut Monster donuts at least once. In the past, this would have been at one of your favourite local cafes, whether it be Durand, Relay, Salty, or perhaps even at a local event.

Originally producing out of Kitchen Collective on King Street East and distributing to cafes and outlets around town weekly from Thursday to Saturday, Donut Monster has now expanded to their very own brick and mortar location on Locke Street.

With a free donut giveaway for their Grand Opening on January 7th, the new shop had groups huddled together in negative temperatures to get a look and a taste of their new spot.

Owner and CEO of Donut Monster, Reuben Vanderwaak, said he had looked at a lot of neighbourhoods and wanted a ‘slam dunk’ location for the shop, ‘I have lived in Hamilton for 15 years and drove past it numerous times, it’s a great location, so when it became available we moved on it’. He wanted a place for Donut Monster to grow from it’s Kitchen Collective origins and give local donut lovers a place to go with an expanded selection.
Reuben said he hopes to ‘become more creative’ in this new space, without the limitations that timing and deliveries had put on them previously. He strives to focus on more elaborate creations in the future that will keep customers coming back for more.

The new location is more than just a counter and a lineup. There is a great space where you can sit down with friends, and family, while enjoying an Instagram worthy donut and Detour Coffee.

Photo by Doug Lecinski

With 15 flavours the day I went in and lined up for my apple fritter (which is also one of Reuben’s favourites) you can choose from yeast-risen, cake, filled, fritter, or specialty donuts all of which include the likes of Orange Cashew, Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch, and London Fog. Reuben says the new location can produce over 1,000 donuts per hour and plans to ‘test the upper limits’. With line-ups and sell-outs all in the first few weeks it looks like Donut Monster will be testing both our New Year’s resolutions as well as their ‘donut’ stop attitude! (Sorry I just had to make one DO-NUT pun!)