The Real Estate Issue 

It often feels like we are in the midst of a renaissance in Hamilton. Historic buildings like the Royal Connaught are re-born into brand new spaces. Citizens and developers are snatching up other older homes and buildings for their history and beautiful architecture and renovating them into the present while preserving beautiful hints of the past and new businesses are popping up all over the city.

Making the move to tackle urbanicity one year ago this month I quickly realized why so many people are flocking to this city. Sure, it’s less expensive to own a home here. But it’s the lifestyle and Hamilton brand that I find most captivating.

Moving to Hamilton means being a part of a community that, at its core, is striving to be the best version of itself. It’s an incubator for entrepreneurship fueled by spirit and creativity. It’s a community that wants to have healthy debates about gentrification and work together to clean up a city when arguments get too heated (pg. 16 & 17). Living in Hamilton means believing in yourself, the city, and the potential for its future.
Hamilton is home and we hope you enjoy this year’s Real Estate Issue.