I have been warned against disclosing too much information about where I am from, but what good journalist does not share both sides of the story? The truth is, I am from Toronto, the #6ix, the land of Drake. I was told that might not resonate well with the people of Hamilton, but that is not what I have experienced over the past month of being here. I ventured out to Hamilton because I fell in love with the city, the energy and the commitment this community has to rebuilding its image. I am surrounded by young entrepreneurs who are not afraid to unleash their dreams and pursue their goals because they are aware of this city’s endless potential.  In Hamilton, you can really be whatever you want! The energy in this city is undeniable and a Toronto girl cannot be blamed for wanting to become a Hamiltonian. I came here to pursue my career goals but also to be a part of the movement. Hamilton is bursting with energy and opportunity, so it is no surprise that everyone is starting to make their way over here.

I am excited to meet the people of Hamilton, listen to their stories and continue to share them through urbanicity. As a collective voice, I really want to push the limits of what this magazine can do. I want to keep people informed, engaged and excited by their community. I have hit the streets and begun exploring with our social media platforms in hand. I have made pierogis at the Kitchen Collective with Chacha’s Pierogi, I have spoken with Mayor Fred Eisenberger while playing ping pong at Serve, I have found my favourite taco restaurant, and I have had countless Hamiltonians offer to take me on a tour of the city. This city is bursting with stories and I cannot wait to share them.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Martinus Geleynse, who during this transition has dealt with my endless e-mails, texts and frantic phone calls about urbancity. Martinus, as everyone knows, has a passion for this city and it is undeniable. I plan to continue to share the ideas, issues and experiences of Hamiltonians through urbanicity Magazine.

I look forward to hearing from the community!

– Andrea Fernandes