Gentrification seems to be the word on the lips of many Hamiltonians at the moment. Is this city being gentrified? Does Toronto have plans to take over? Is Hamilton set to lose its unique and assertive edge? Having chosen to leave Toronto to work in Hamilton, I can definitely understand the fascination with this city. The pleasant mix of newcomers and long-time Hamiltonians who are working hard to accomplish their dreams and re-build Hamilton is contagious. 

The energy is electrifying and we are surrounded by movers and shakers who are working hard to get their businesses off the ground. Check out the story of Steeltown Garage Co., a business duo who has been traveling for the past eight years, but decided to head back home to Hamilton to pursue the dream of a kick-ass espresso and motorcycle lifestyle shop. Or read about the fizz Sodas + Sandwiches that just opened up a new restaurant with delicious Hamilton themed eats. Or Cake and Loaf and all its continued success. 

All eyes are on Hamilton and this issue explores the need to be both protective of what Hamilton has worked hard to create but also accepting of new ideas and experiences. Read what Glen Norton, director of economic development for the City of Hamilton, has to say on the importance of showcasing Hamilton to the GTA but also establishing a dynamic relationship with Toronto that communicates that Hamilton does not want to be Toronto. 

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