Dolls you can see yourself in

Queen Cee is not only known as a musician and community activist but also as Queen Dollylama, a custom Black doll artist. She started her custom doll art by chance when she struggled to find dolls that reflected her daughter’s likeness. Queen wanted dolls that were a positive reflection for her as a little Black girl and also reflective of the diversity of females in her family and culture. She then began customizing for clients all over the world and has been doing it for 5 years now. Eventually, she decided to create her own play doll line. As nervous as she was to enter into a business arena that was new to her, the importance and positive impact would be far too great not to take it a step further.

Herstory Doll is an 18 inch articulated play doll line that is a reflection of diversity within kids of African Descent; with different brown skin tones, truer facial features, and textured hair. It was designed with the inspiration to help fill a void in the toy industry in regards to its lack of diversity and also creating a positive representation for kids of African descent. What sets her doll line apart from most 18” dolls is the joint articulation and the creation of a platform to allow those who purchase them to use their own creativity and imagination to build further on the character THEY choose to create, as opposed to buying something that is already given an identity by a company. Herstory is more than a beautiful representation of girl characters (and eventually boys), it is also about putting creativity into the hands of kids and encouraging them to use their imaginations and artistic abilities through creative writing, storytelling, photography, videography, crafting, sewing and more. Queen Cee’s goal is to build an online global community where youth have the platform to share their creativity through their doll characters, how they’ve defined their own unique characters, and share them with other youth in a positive and creative sharing space.

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