Being vegan is easier than ever!

Just a few years ago, there were hardly any vegan restaurants in the city, in fact, most people’s reactions upon hearing the word vegan were “what’s that?” however, Hamilton is now chocked full of vegan and vegan-friendly establishments. There is actually a smorgasbord of vegan places to eat. It is easier than ever to be a vegan in Hamilton.

Veganism is a diet and lifestyle that is free from all animal products. Meaning, the food is free from meat, seafood, dairy, and eggs. People who choose veganism do it because they want to minimize the harm that befalls animals in typical factory farms, because of the positive effect it has on the environment and because in many cases it is much better for your health.

Yes, you can be really healthy on a vegan diet and eat delicious salads and soups, but luckily we in Hamilton also have vegan ice cream, pizza pockets, milkshakes, cinnamon buns, doughnuts and more!

There are restaurants all over the city that have substantial vegan options but including them all would be too long of a list. Here we have compiled the restaurants in Hamilton which feature either a 100% vegan menu or are mostly vegan with a few vegetarian options.

Lick the Whisk 
29 Barton St. E

Lick the Whisk is Hamilton’s only all-vegan desert place! It is a small but cute, café on Barton street that is known for their sweet and savoury crepes. They also boast homemade vegan ice cream as well as cheez cake, waffles, sundaes, and baked goods. The restaurant is owned and operated by the daughter of the long-established Little Grasshopper restaurant. To boot, they also offer gluten-free options as well.

1044 King St W

Rawlicious is a very healthy option for those who want to feel great about the foods they are eating. The restaurant is 100% raw and vegan. There are several locations across Southern Ontario and the one in Hamilton’s Westdale Village seats 20. They have several smoothie options as well as salads, and raw vegan entrees which include things like Pad Thai and a Caesar wrap. You can also subscribe to a raw food cleanse which includes three meals a day for five days. Their goal is to get you eating healthy and feeling good about it.

Hearty Hooligan
292 Ottawa Street North

The Hearty Hooligan is the number one place to go for vegan comfort foods. They are best known for the homemade vegan pizza pockets and retro-style coconut milkshakes. They have a whole host of menu items for sale including several grab-and-go options as well as a small grocery store. You can pick up the coveted Beyond Meat Burger here. The Hearty Hooligan also hosts all kinds of fun events for the community with things like Sunday morning cartoons and trivia nights. They also do custom cakes if you are looking for a not-boring vegan birthday cake.

Green Bar
236 James St. North

Known for their incredible smoothies, Green Bar is a quick service, 100% vegan establishments. In addition to their green smoothies which are packed with nutrients and protein, they also offer healthy meals like fresh bowls and sandwiches, as well as baked goods. On the weekends they serve brunch including a full vegan breakfast that comes with scrambled tofu, tempeh bacon and sourdough bread.

Planted in Hamilton
225 John St S Unit 1

Planted’s menu is 100% vegan and gluten-free. Their restaurant features a large space with a lovely atmosphere filled with plants and super-helpful and kind staff. The food arrives fairly quickly as it’s a counter service restaurant. The meals are substantial and delicious. They are known for their chickpea “wings” and house-made cashew cheese sauce which tops their loaded nachos and mac n’ cheese bowl. They also have a veggie burger made from a lentil-patty, incredible falafel, and a bbq jackfruit sandwich served on house-made buns. The brilliant pastry chef also creates to-go baked goods and delicious desserts such as a banana split! Check them out on waffle Wednesday, burger Thursday, Friday friesday, and Sunday for brunch for special deals and innovative menu items.