Just homemade, honest-to-goodness food. 

By Heather Peter

Trevor Hunt has been in the culinary industry for over 20 years. Starting out in kitchens across Hamilton, and working for industry leaders like Carmen’s Group, Trevor has assisted with opening several restaurants. He’s familiar with the ins and outs of the biz, and knows how much hard work and dedication is required to go into the opening of a restaurant. His passion for the restaurant industry is what led him to open up the latest joint on the scene in Hamilton, the fizz Sodas and Sandwiches.  

The inspiration came to him a few Christmases ago, when Trevor received a sodastream as a Holiday gift. The new gizmo motivated him to try out a variety of homemade soda recipes that ended up being so delicious, he felt he could base a business entirely around them. But of course, you can’t keep a business afloat on sodas alone, which is where their large smoked sandwiches and hearty sides come in.  

A few years down the road from receiving that inspiring Christmas gift, Trevor and his wife Amanda, have now opened up shop in their hometown of Hamilton. The pair knew they were looking for a space in an urban setting with lots of walking traffic. That search for the perfect spot led them to a location in the Hamilton International Village right on the main stretch of King Street.  

It’s a simple restaurant, with a bar where you can order take-out or food to eat-in and see your food (and sodas!) being prepared right in front of your eyes. That’s how Trevor aims to run every aspect of the fizz restaurant; simplicity, perfected. Just homemade, honest-to-goodness food. 

Trevor had always had a love of BBQ, and now that he has opened this little eatery, he’s able to experiment more with the food he loves.  

Hamilton-themed sandwiches – like The Steelmaker, The Hammer, or The Tailgate Special sandwich – feature smoked meats (electric smoked with 100% Hickory Wood in-house), loaded with toppings with a Southwest flair, grace their menu. Trevor recognizes the need to prepare food that everyone will enjoy, so he also offers a few vegetarian and gluten-free options. Vegetarian options include their spin on a Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Onion, or a Smoked Vegetable Sandwich with Goat Cheese. For those who are carb-conscious, any of the meats and toppings are available on a salad base for a healthy spin on the dishes! 

Keeping those sandwiches company are made-in-house sides that will remind you of the picnics of your childhood, like: Creamy Potato & Bacon Salad, Chipotle Cole Slaw and Mixed Bean Salad. Sticking to the Southwest theme, they also offer Sweet Tea and Lemonade – though they completely understand if you want to go with one of their crowd-pleasing Sodas. After all, how can you go into a soda shop and leave without a soda, especially when the flavours are this good? 

At the moment, their handmade sodas are primarily fruit-based. Nothing they use in the restaurant is processed, since it’s all made in-house with no artificial ingredients. Eventually, the fizz will be experimenting with Root Beer and Colas, but Trevor is a strong believer that it’s all about slow-growth and perfecting what they currently offer. Serving up Soda flavours like Strawberry Basil, Blueberry Mint, Ginger Ale or Orange Vanilla, their syrups are all made by the fizz team using fruit, herbs, sugar and water. No aspartame or hard-to-read ingredients found here!  

Trevor and Amanda plan to use local producers and Ontario ingredients when possible, utilizing what’s fresh and in-season in their recipes. The fizz is also primarily sourcing their meat products from the new local supplier, Honest Meat Co., where the meat provided is raised ethically, on pasture. 

Though they have been open less than three months, Trevor and Amanda say the reception in Hamilton for the fizz has been wonderful so far. Hungry Hamiltonians have come in to investigate (you can’t miss their bright blue building!) and left happy, with full bellies. As a restauranteur following your passion, what more could you ask for? Currently, they’re offering food only out of the restaurant – but hope to expand into catering larger orders and selling their goods at local events.  

Find them at 217 King Street East, Hamilton, ON  


905-522-SODA (7632)