Creating a community and connecting local artists

By Dre Pao

Hamilton continues to gain momentum as one of the major players in the Canadian music scene. Ontario is now considered to be the top ranked province in Canada for artists looking to break into the music and entertainment industries. After producing some of the world’s most successful artists, such as Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, and Drake, it is no secret that Ontario is a music powerhouse.

What role does Hamilton play in all of this? Well, take a walk down James Street, or some of the surrounding downtown areas, and you will quickly see that the city is rich with culture and filled with Hamiltonians who are eager to significantly impact the world of music. This deep desire has been around the city for years, and has resulted in some big Hamilton acts dominating the world stage of music, such as the Arkells and Monster Truck. Although the city has an abundance of artistic talent, the real question is, how can artists transform this talent into a profitable career and build a substantial fan base? One organization believes they have the answer, and they are already impacting Hamilton in a BIG way!

Hamilton, meet One New Era!

Founders of One New Era, Anthony Didomenico and Joanna Bis

One New Era is an organization that is dedicated to uniting artists for collaborative projects, building promotional campaigns, assisting with social media marketing, and providing videography/photography services for artists looking to maximize their artistic potential. What makes One New Era unique is that every artist they work with receives their own personalized promotional campaign. No artist is the same, and therefore each project is uniquely created to match an artist’s identity and personal goals.

Founders of One New Era, Anthony Didomenico and Joanna Bis

The organizations mission is to inspire independent artists to work together and realize how impactful collaborative art can be. The Hamilton organization helps bridge likeminded artists with one another in order to create projects that are rooted in similar goals and passions. This helps artists increase their fan base, expand their network, and maximize online viewers. One New Era prides itself on creating a family environment with their artists and focusing on creating art that is rooted in a powerful message. Although viewers and fan numbers are important, they believe that creating a genuine experience for an audience and focusing on an artist’s passion is the ultimate key to building a successful career.

One New Era was founded by Hamilton-born entrepreneurs Anthony DiDomenico and Joanna Bis. Anthony and Joanna are extremely active in the Hamilton community. You may recognize them as two of the founders of YogaFest, Southern Ontario’s largest yoga festival. Anthony is also the CEO of iHELP Entertainment, which organizes events around the idea of “partying with a purpose” and donates a portion of profits from every event to local charitable organizations. DiDomenico and Bis are no strangers to the entertainment industry and have a lot of experience organizing performances, creating videos, and generating a crowd. The young entrepreneurs are also artists themselves and have a deep desire to share their passion for music and marketing with others, and thus created One New Era in order to unite like-minded artists.

In order for Hamilton to officially gain the title of “Canada’s Music City”, local artists will need to recognize that it is essential to build a team and collaborate with other artists. One New Era is helping to organize team building and make artistic collaborations a lot easier to execute. It is an exciting time to be a rising artist from “The Ambitious City” — the new era belongs to Hamilton!

If you are a passionate artist that is interested in connecting with One New Era, visit their website at, or follow them on Instagram at @onenewera