My father once told me that as you get older time feels like it moves much more quickly. I didn’t understand what he meant. In my world, the days were long, the summers lasted forever, and each year felt eternal. But as I get older, and the summers fly by, weeks are filled with work, weekends bursting with events, and each new year takes me by surprise, I remember those wise words and remind myself to enjoy every passing moment.

Another year has come and gone and the season of gathering with your loved ones and reflecting on the past year is upon us. It’s time to relax, enjoy and celebrate all that life has to offer. Of course, we know that the holiday season can be filled with its own stresses of running around and making sure that presents are perfectly wrapped under the Christmas tree, but it’s also important to stop and remember that your loved ones are out doing the same for you.

This issue of urbanicity was designed to help you relax this holiday season. Head to part one of ‘A Fairy Tale of Hamilton’. Each week, up until Dec. 20th, a new instalment will be added to make sure you are taking some time to snuggle up with a good holiday read. Then check out our ‘No-stress Noël’ annual holiday gift guide. This guide has been designed to simplify your shopping experience, to help you avoid the malls entirely, and to give back to independent business owners, crafters, and creators in our city.

The urbanicity team would like to wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons and to thank you for supporting our business this past year. Enjoy the read and we will see you in the new year!

Andrea Fernandes