By Heather Peter

When asked what Hamilton is known for, you’ll hear many a time from Hamiltonians the words “art”, “music”, and “food”. We are a creative group, and we’re proud of it! Often, these mediums will come together to create some of our most remarkable events and experiences in the city; like Supercrawl! 

It’s only natural that these visceral mediums often pair up to create a desired ambiance – in a restaurant for instance – like food and music coming together into one beautiful partnership. That’s why we put together this Great Hamilton Foodie Playlist. Get jammin’, and eatin’ with these tasty morsels and bumpin’ tunes.  

 If you like Hip Hop music, you may like  

Nique Restaurant

30 Vine St, Hamilton


Whether you visit them for their appetizing dinner menu, their tempting brunch, or Toonie Tuesdays (Fried Chicken for $2!), you’re going to have a tasty time at Nique Restaurant. The Nique team definitely knows what they’re doing in the kitchen. Plus, they have made a bit of a name for themselves in the hip hop scene, arranging shows in their large space with top DJs and setting up events like Beyoncé Brunch. Their stylish atmosphere and creative, modern food menu marry perfectly with the powerful hip hop music they play in the restaurant. 


If you like local Punk music, you may like 

The Hearty Hooligan


368 Main St W, Hamilton

Serving up scrumptious vegan-versions of 90s junk food (think Dunkaroos, and pizza pocket-style calzones), The Hearty Hooligan has meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner that both vegans and non-vegans will love. Though they have had their doors open less than 6 months, The Hearty Hooligan has made a large impact in the vegan community and the local punk music scene. Matching their vibrant, graffiti-esque wall art featuring punk iconography, you’ll only find them playing local punk music in the restaurant.  


If you like 90s music, you may like  

The Coop Wicked Chicken

 272 King St W, Hamilton


This naughty fried chicken restaurant sure has their brand down-pat, and their brand includes lots of 90s paraphernalia! From the Gameboys they have on the tables, to the retro board games, to the art work plastered walls – they have planned it out right down to the 90s playlist. And boy is their playlist a good one. Enjoy those tunes while you indulge on a giant chicken sandwich – eat like you’ve still got that 90s metabolism!  


If you like Jazz music, you may like  

Mattson & Co. 

 225 Locke St S, Hamilton


 Mattson & Co. on Locke Street’s elegant space makes for the perfect jazz venue. Fill that space with mouth-watering food dishes, and a couple of drinks and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. Every Friday and Saturday, they bring in local jazz talent into their beautiful restaurant from around the GTA, creating an ideal atmosphere for intimate evening meals.  


If you like Country music, you may like  

Memphis Fire Barbeque 

1091 King’s Highway 8


Found on the edge of Hamilton (Winona), Memphis Fire Barbeque – a retro diner-style restaurant – is a Hamilton gem. Their true-blue Southern food is great, the service is great and the tunes are great… if you love country, that is. Then again, what else would you listen to while eating a whole plate of brisket, or pulled pork?   

Music; you can’t have a perfect restaurant atmosphere without it. It can make or break your experience. Luckily in Hamilton, we are spoilt for choice with good food and music and individuals who are doing amazing things with both. After all, we are known for more than steel now – we are a patchwork of creatives, artists, makers and innovators, building our unique city.