Healing and growth don’t have to be a lonely journey

430 York Blvd was birthed by the hands of a community of caring and creative minds. It is home to 8 unique businesses working to help people improve their health and wellbeing.

“We’re open to everyone on the path to self-improvement, wanting to connect with themselves and others”, says Stacey Ziebarth, one of the building’s business owners. “Life can be stressful and hectic. We all need a place where we can come to be ourselves, or find ourselves, and learn how to thrive. Everyone in this building is doing that, and helping others do the same”.

Over the years, the tenants of the building have changed but two of the pillars have always been Studio Zee Pilates and De La Sol Yoga Studios. These two businesses have called 430 York Blvd. home for the last 10 years and are proud to occupy the building that was once labelled “undesirable”. Katie McClelland, owner of De La Sol Yoga Studios explains “430 York Blvd. is where people can come to find self-acceptance and self-love.” With her own history of anxiety, depression and substance abuse, Katie is committed to helping people open up and blossom in ways they can’t begin to imagine. With over 100 staff and more than 150 classes a week, Katie’s business has grown tremendously from the humble beginnings in a basement apartment. The studio now sees 400-700 students a day between the Hamilton location (430 York Blvd.) and the Waterdown location (255 Dundas St E). De La Sol is not the only business that found success in the building. The Zee Empire, with Stacey and Jay Ziebarth in the lead, continues to thrive as well.

In March 2016 Stacey and Jay opened Zee Float and introduced floating to Hamilton. They brought a unique experience to the city where you lay in high-density salt-water in total darkness and complete silence; the idea is to increase endorphin production and alleviate pain and stress. After a float, people usually come out of a deep meditation and feel relaxed, creative, and less anxious.

Shortly after, in 2018, Jay opened The Infinity Forge with a handful of collaborators including voice actor Christian Potenza. This space is home to a cartooning studio, YouTube filming facilities, breath work and meditation classes, and psychotherapy offices. Tracy Miles, one of 430 York’s registered psychotherapists explains, “it’s total-wellness… Mind, Body, and Spirit. And it all sprouted so organically.” The 8 businesses embody the qualities that make Hamilton entrepreneurs stand out from the rest; communication, collaboration, and support for others.

All of the businesses are working to build a supportive community and there is truly something for everyone at 430 York Blvd. On the second floor of the building, De La Sol offers kids’ classes, workshops and daily yoga classes including hot ones. Down the hall, The Infinity Forge has classes for kids and teens where they can make their own videos and animations. Jake from Lungs of Love offers information and services to improve your everyday life through conscious breathing exercises. Tracy Miles of Energy Tap helps adolescents, adults, couples, and families work through addiction, borderline personality, anxiety and a myriad of other issues. She is committed to helping people reach their full potential through authentic and meaningful encounters.

On the first floor of the building, you can find Zee Float and Studio Zee Pilates, home to incredible fitness and meditation instructors as well as Registered Massage Therapists, osteopaths, and physiotherapists. Before or after a class or treatment, guests can enjoy Vietnamese food from Pho Lac Vien and learn more about the Chocolate Tales workshops. The first floor is also home to the 3rd De La Sol room that specializes in prenatal and mom and baby classes’ as well restorative classes.

The building is a one-stop-shop for health and wellness, it’s the community you’ve been searching for. We welcome you to join us for a workshop, event, class, float, meal or a treatment. Healing and growth don’t have to be a lonely journey.